Nature of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is also known as the Country of Nine Climates. It is an amazing and beautiful area with unique natural contrasts. 9 of 11 main climatic types of the Earth from subtropics to alpine meadows are represented here. You can watch four seasons as well as throughout  the country. There is a splendid flora of humid subtropics and everlasting snow and glaciers of Shahdagh and Murovdagh, Gabala forests, full of spring flavors, and hot steppes of Mil, Mugan and Shirvan and rains over tea and citrus plantations in the foothills of the Talish Mountain Range and the famous  Absheron Peninsula with its “Khazri” – the Caspian north wind  and Gilavar –  the warm southern wind which blows across eastern Azerbaijan throughout the year, particularly in Baku and Shamakhi.
The Azerbaijan land is densely cut by numerous, mainly highland rivers and most of them have noisy mountain – echoing waterfalls such as Afurji (River Velvelichay), Ghirintov and Sariguney (River Gumushchay), Mighi (River Damiraparanchay) and others.
Azerbaijan’s different landscapes are home for impressive variety of fauna and flora. The Caspian Sea is the world’s largest lake and home for priceless species of plants and animals. Sturgeons and sturgeon caviar  from Caspian Sea are popular  in restaurants as are other types of fish.
The nature of Azerbaijan is defined not only by the waters  of Caspian Sea but also by peaks of the Caucasus Mountains which are known for their spectacular landscapes. Wolves, bears, deer, wild goats and large cats are represented  here in the more isolated areas.
Central Azerbaijan is a part of the drainage basin of the Kura River. It starts in Turkey then crosses Georgia before flowing through the broad valley between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan.
There some important wetlands as the Kura River reaches the Caspian Sea which are home to birds and other wildlife.
The most fragile natural places in Azerbaijan become state and national parks. Plane tree forests, mud volcanoes, glaciers, deserts and lakes are all under the protection of the park system, including some of the most unique and interesting natural formations  in Azerbaijan.
Gobustan State Reserve and Absheron National Park are not far from Baku, whereas other parks are in deeper and more isolated parts, protecting more untouched areas.