Development of Tourism in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan, “Land of Fire”, with its rich natural resources, ancient historical and cultural heritage, and people, whose lifestyle presents a unique combination of traditions and ceremonies of many different civilizations, a country where East meets West, today is the center of pilgrimage of many tourists from different parts of the world. If you wish to understand Azerbaijan and its fascinating history and culture you need to look at the country and its people through the eyes of an old friend.
State programs for the development of alternative sectors of the economy are designed to implement the gradual transition of economic development and reduce the country’s dependence on the export of energy resources. Step-by-step implementation of the state program is laid down in the “road map” – a document that is a strategy for the development of Azerbaijan for ten years. It provides for the development of various sectors of the economy, including tourism.
Azerbaijan has a great potential for the development of tourism industry with such fascinating sights as ancient cities, palaces, fortresses, mausoleums and mosques, museums and cultural centers. The natural climatic conditions of the country are also unique – 9 climatic zones out of 11 in the world exist in Azerbaijan.
The tourism sector, which generates a huge income, allows the country’s economy to receive both national and international recognition.
The development of tourism leads to the development of hotel business in Azerbaijan – more and more big players are actively entering the hotel market of Azerbaijan, the world-wide hotel chains are developing rapidly.
Azerbaijan is a country that straddles both Eastern Europe and Western Asia, so expect a clash of cultures and you can find a lot of enjoyable and fascinating places to visit throughout the country.
In order to ensure the continuity of the development of tourism  with the support of the state, important programs and projects are being implemented, legislation is being improved, an appropriate infrastructure is being created.
By the way, sports events have become a turning point in terms of tourism development. Various international games have turned Baku not only into a sports center, but also into a tourist center.